MacGregor - the world's largest offshore marine crane project

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June 2014, alloy steel flange ring forging products with 7 meters in diameter, manufacturing by our company, has been successfully applied to the project of Norway's famous macgregor company

June 2014, alloy steel flange ring forging products with 7 meters in diameter, manufacturing by our company, has been successfully applied to the project of Norway's famous macgregor company, which is known as the world's largest offshore marine crane project. The crane’s lifting capacity even get 900 tons. The crane base of 7m in diameter, is the largest diameter used by marine crane of the world in the current. The crane lifting capacity and base diameter all reach the world's largest. We provide the flange products with superior performance and reliable quality, which are applied to the base, the key parts of the crane. Our products playing a key role in the project, has been widely praised by the project team.

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