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AVIC Excellence Forging (WUXI)Co.,Ltd has got the AS9100C successfully.

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AVIC Excellence Forging (WUXI)Co.,Ltd has got the AS9100C successfully.
Starts aviation forging production and breaking the new ground.
July 8th in 2016,AVIC Excellence Forging (WUXI) Co.,Ltd got the AS9100C formally that means AVIC Excellence Forging Co.,Ltd can provide more excellence 、stable and safe products with a higher standard of quality system for customers
It is understood that AS9100C is made by SAE. This standard requires the quality management of company ensure the products continue meet the customers with legal and regulatory requirements. And the company must have improvement process and ensure complianc
e with requirements .At the same time helping reduce the cost of the whole supply chain and achieving the global standardization of the company's quality management system.
2016 is the important year for AVIC Excellence Forging Co.,ltd to improving. For improving our company has focused on developing the quality system of civil aviation products and military products. We also further improve the enterprise management system, increase the quality assessment, and greatly enhance the quality of products. As important strategic steps of our company’s strategic development plan. We will do our best to improve the quality for Aerospace Forgings products. And improve the corresponding supporting services
AS9100C which belongs to Performance Review Institute Registrar(PRI Registrar)of SAE. The only company with special technology certification in China.