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A new ring rolling mill put into production successfully

Industry Dynamics
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On February 2nd, 2015, we put 6-meter ring rolls lines into production, after a successful trial of the thin-walled ring forgings and tall ring forgings.This signals a big break in new production. It also will provide forging products, high qualitiy while less cost for the semi-high-end field in military, nuclear power and marine wind-power etc. All of that get the new lever in hard-shapped material production.
It is reported that the new ring rolling machine have larger rolling force in both RAD and AXI, also more automation controlling. The new product line can make maximum diameter of 6 m, maximum height of 700 mm, and minimum thick-wall of 30 mm ring forgings. It will also be the company's mainly production of small and medium sized ring forging products,in high-temperature alloys, aluminum, ditanium deformation and other hard materials. These equipments makes up the bases that our forgings will get into semi-high-end markets and open up a broader market in the world.