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Avic Excellence Forging Company Organize A Outward Bound About”Building A Learning Culture And Competitiveness Of Enterprise”

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On April 26,in order to practice the idea about the building of learning and competitiveness of enterprises,our company organize some employees with a outward bound activity,some youth are a total of 48 employees to participate in the activities.
After a whole day's hard training although the body tired,everyone’ is extremely abundant.Through the activity, we greatly relaxed at the same time, the heart more deeply understand the relationship between individual and collective.Overall situation consciousness, the concept of discipline and team ideas have larger ascension.As a growing enterprise,if you want to standing in the fierce market competition,Every employee should stick to the spirit of courage and dedication, and pay attention to take the initiative to take responsibility, unity and cooperation in the development of continuous learning and change, to summarize experience and lessons, in this way can the overall improve enterprise's core competitiveness, continuously strong team, strong enterprise.