Oversize,high ring forging connections

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The research and development of the project starting and ending time is 2012.1-2012.12.
The research and development of the project starting and ending time is 2012.1-2012.12.
As a key component of large equipment, they play an extremely important role in the national economic construction, national defense equipment and modern high-tech major device. Manufacturing capacity of the ring forging connections represents the country's overall industrial level. Oversize ring forgings are widely used in heavy machinery equipment, steel rolling equipment in the metallurgical industry, power industry, power generation equipment, weapons and aerospace industry, petroleum, chemical, ship manufacturing, locomotives and other equipment in the vehicle. Large ring forgings are typical and key components in major equipment that both independent as the industry's large equipment spare parts, but also as an important force component in all walks of life. With technical research, we master the core technology of large ring forgings, and form our own patented technology. Now, we can take quantity production in the formation of this type forgings.
So far, we have obtained 7 patents for utility model and 1 for invention, formed 5 technical know-how