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The Chinese association of forging held the Industry conference in Wuxi And Visit Avic Excellence Forging (Wuxi) Co., Ltd

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     On the morning of July 29,more than 60 peers from domestic forging industries visited the Avic Excellence Forging (Wuxi) Co., Ltd,who were under the leadship of the deputy secretary general Hanmulin.The general manager of AVIC Renyixin,who was also the lead of Wuxi forging press association kept the company of them ,and together with the company employees of Avic.




     Ren manager introduced the history,culture,production capacity, Technical advantages, and business plannings of AVIC to the visiting delegation in the scene.The delegation praised the performance of the 6S management and information management,especially praised our special field of high-end products.And they expressed certainty for our strategy in the high-end products. 




     Through this visit,we made our AVIC knew more about from our peers,that made us keep further strengthen exchanges and cooperation with them,and laid a good foundation for us to keep cooperation with them in the high-end products.