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AVIC Testing Center Loyout In The East China And Settle Down In Excellent Forging Company

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On December 4th, AVIC testing center of excellence grandly unveiled the nameplate at AVIC excellence forging (wuxi) Co., LTD. This was the only test center which was layout by AVIC material physical and chemical detection technology co., LTD.in the east China, and it is one of the third party test center with national qualification. The establishment of the center had added new momentum for the transformation and upgrading of the based manufacturing industry.The science and technology bureau of Huishan district, the marketing supervision bureau, the local government leadership and the related department and the enterprise and public institution attended the opening ceremony. The deputy director general of the science and technology bureau of Wuxi Zhao Jianping tpgether with the general manager of AVIC testing center Wang Lingqi unveiled the nameplate for the AVIC testing center of excellence.

AVIC detection and Avic Excellence were both the members of the AVIC heavy machinery, and the Avic detection was a comprehensive physical and chemical testing platform which integrated the advantage resources of malleable cast and collected as a whole of scientific research, detection, data analysis and standards. Scince the establishment of the platform, it rapidly integrated with detection resources, and for the purpose of serving the high-end industry and make authoritative third-party testing platform, it further promoted the brand of AVIC detection to more marketization and internationalization.That made it became one of the most important part of the area of basis material research in the AVIC Group,and it made great contribution for the development of the AVIC. AVIC excellence is a forging company which was layout by the AVIC heavy machinery at the east China.

Excellence test center is one of the most important constituent for the third-party service platform of AVIC detection, the only one of the test center which was layout at the east of China, and a comprehensive test platform with the third party test ability of qualification.
In recent years,the AVIC Excellence forgings had achieved great performance in the science and technology innovation work.The company successively obtained kinds of identify and honorary title,such as” Wuxi super large ring forging technology center’’ and ‘’National high and new technology enterprise’’. At the same time, the company actively declared science research projects and funding support from the province and made a positive contribution for wuxi and dictrict area in scientific and technological innovation.
The foundation of the Excellence test center is aimed to made the AVIC detection ability cover the AVIC Excellence Forging which belongs to the east China of casting business section, it is a important step,and is the key actions for Avic military and civilian integration and help the development of provincial economy. The centre will supply a fair, reliable, high quality of the third party testing services for the customers from Wuxi, Yangtze river delta area and a wider area,and guide and promote the technology innovation, transformation and upgrading of the local enterprise.At the same time, it will creat advantage for the special metal materials testing and technology research and development, also, it will lay a solid foundation for the development of High-end industry. Such as aerospace, gas turbine and nuclear power in Wuxi.