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The general manager of AVIC Heavy Machinery Li xueqing went to the Excellence company for investigate and survey

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On November 19th, The general manager of AVIC Li Xueqing went to the Excellence company for investigate and survey.The manager Li went to the workshop and inspected the production situation of the company,and then, convened a symposium about the company operation, investment and financing issues.The general manager of the excellence Ren Yixin together with the senior leadership team members attended the symposium.

On the symposium,the general manager of the excellence Ren Yixin made the report about the company information this year,included the main economic indicators and the expected throughout of the year, the completed tasks which deployed by the board of directors,the technology reformation work,quality and safety work, Party Committee's work, the difficulties and problems,and the general manager Ren made the specific suggestions on reforming and improving investment and financing.

The general manager Li approved the 6s management of workshop site, the informatization construction of office,the development in the high-end product market, the technology R&D and innovation work.Though the Excellence haven’t compeleted the economic indicators which was setted by the group company at the beginning of the year, the general manager Li still expressed relief for our performance which was better than the last year under the pressure of the global manufacturing downward and put forward higher requirements and expect for excellence.He encouraged us to think more about how to enhance the ability of resisting risk in the market and learn a lot from outstanding enterprises,and under the help of AVIC Heavy Machinery, through strengthen cooperation and capital operation of the enterprises to become more and more powerful.