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The years will issue gold , Honesty is outstanding ---- AVIC grandly held celebrations to mark the 10th anniversary of company

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On Dec.31th 2015,in order to memory the 10th anniversary of the AVIC Excellence Forgings(WUXI) CO.,LTD, a grand celebration which based the theme of "The years will issue gold,honesty is outstanding"was held in Wuxi QiLong garden hotel. More than 200 people which included a part of government leadership, company partners and staffs were attended the festival, shared the great joy and wonderful anniversary,which shown the company development process and performance of past 10 years, and shared the strategic planning of the future.The general manager of AVIC Excellence Ren Yixin made an important speech titled “firm steps, be couraged to bring forth new ideas,promote the development of excellence”,and awarded for outstanding staff.

First of all the general manager Ren, on behalf of the company ,expressed the heartfelt thanks to the company leaders and guests for their concern and support in different period during past years,and paid his highest tributes to the the management team and the workers at the production line for the 10 years of experienced together. The manager Ren summarized the 10 years of experience for the development of the company from three sides:Insiste yesterday's dream, keep the belief and mission in mind, and implement the rapid development of the company's performance; Focus on the transformation and upgrade, improve employees’ satisfaction and happiness; Dance to the rhythm of the tomorrow, committed to innovation and hearts, make the company stability and stronger.
The manager said,duering the 10 years,we experienced hard working process of growing out of nothing,from small to large, from weak to strong,and witness the footprint of the company development to keep pace with the times and the growth of the vision. During the past ten years,the excellence experienced metamorphosis from germination to new beautiful,from weak to strong,from partners to join us and from processing to innovation. And now, under the background of manufacturing development become more difficult and the economics development entering into the new normal in China,our excellence overcame difficulties,made upturn in performance and obtained influence, also increased a lot of happiness for employees. In the new era, we will base on the last decade, make progress toward a new goal, and made another good performance in next decade.
The general manager of AVIC Excellence Ren Yixin made a speech.
Ten years’glory, cannot leave the person's unremitting efforts and hard sweat of the Excellence.The manager commended the outstanding contributor and advanced employees at the celebration scene,included “The Prize for outstanding contributor” “The advanced worker” “The excellent technical experts” “The model worker” “The good management cadres”and so on.
There were crosstalk, sketch, dances, songs, etc. 16 shows, all of these splendid performances came from self-rehearsing of the staff. With performance on the stage, the audience made warm applause and cheers. Party was ended in a sweet chorus of "love each other family”,and through the selecting activity from the guest, there were six excellent programs awarded the wining prize.
“With clear strategic positioning guide to the future, with feasible path planning in the future, with the development of practical measures to realize the future”. Standing on the starting point of the new decade, AVIC excellence has made a new goal for the next ten years of development, excellence people head for target of " Stronger,Better, More features " and will creat more glory and success.